CCTV camera

One cable per camera. No need for a power socket anymore.

Our new generation of wired camera systems works with Power over Ethernet. With this technique, both power for the cameras and the camera images go over the same cable. You connect the cameras to the recorder with just one cable. While the cameras send their camera images to the recorder, the recorder supplies the cameras with power.
Power points in the vicinity of the cameras are therefore no longer necessary.

Watch via your mobile

You can easily connect this camera system to your mobile phone and keep an eye on things when you are not there. Receive a push notification in case of movement, view live images and play back recorded images. Our user-friendly app is available for both iPhone and Android and can be used free of charge.

Connect to any monitor or TV

Would you prefer to watch directly through this camera system? Then connect a monitor or TV to it. You can then view all cameras simultaneously in a quadrant, focus on one enlarged view or let the images alternate automatically. You can also switch between live images and recorded images at the touch of a button.