Demmycole Solution supports in delivery of critical decision-making solutions for complex missions through the integration of operations centers, telecommunications & IT networks for operations and battlefield systems.

We will provide on site support upon request, such as in the event of a critical failure.
Remote Access Support –
Basically, we propose the support plan based on the remote access.
Our support plan is the proposal including the implementation of the remote access network configuration.
Support enhances your IT facilities availability –
We provide the support operation and maintenance to infrastructure or software systems remotely operated by overseas.
This service is able to perform maintenance to the IT facilities avoiding local business hours using time zone differences.
Therefore it is possible the maintenance or major update for a critical system involving temporary shutdown or reboot without preparation of special shift at midnight.

Interactive Touchscreen

Better picture quality (excellent 4K quality).
No external computer required
Up to 20 simultaneous touch points!
A viewing angle of 178 °.
The screens are reinforced and hardened.
Simplified installation and very little technology. A fixed lifespan of 50,000 hours, instead of 4,000 hours for a projector lamp.
Easier to move with the optional mobile base Built-in speakers WiFi / Bluetooth
Excellent built-in camera

Smaller spaces 86 ”

Smaller spaces 75 ”

Smaller spaces 65 ”