Interactive Web design

Demmycole Solution is a full-service digital creative agency  located in Belgium,. our main services include web design, web development, UX/UI design, and digital marketing. we deliver best results to our clients’ businesses by creating functional websites, mobile and web applications, brands, and digital marketing strategies.

Web design that seduces and grabs the scruff of the neck

From strategy to professional web design
You don't just get a well-thought-out web design. There are a lot of steps involved in advance.

We always start by performing thorough analyses. These will lay the foundation to gain more insight into the behavior of the target group. We translate these actions and behaviors into customer journeys that we then convert into a tree structure to align your website.
As a result of the analyses and advice, we are able to then draw up an information architecture (IA) that perfectly map the customer journeys.

Responsive web design 
Your website must work on all devices and give the desired experience on any device. Both desktop and all kinds of mobile devices must be able to show a responsive or mobile-friendly website.

Design phase 

Link the results and back and then we start with the  Webdesign  of your new website. Today, it is super important to have a mobile and responsive WordPress website. Because tell me yourself, how many times do you surf at your computer? And how often do you do that from your phone? That's right! Almost everyone is busy with their smartphone every day and hardly anyone sits at a computer or laptop in their spare time to browse the internet. That is why we always build websites based on the idea of mobile first.

Did you know that the websites we create award-winning  '"are"? We always strive for an innovative but practical web design!

Mobile first website

This means that we initially create a mobile website. We assume that the website is mainly visited from a smartphone. That's why we create a super-fast mobile website that offers the ultimate user experience for smartphone users. This is not only good for the visitors of the website, but also for Google. Google likes websites with a responsive template. Therefore, Google shows sites with a responsive design in search results rather than websites that do not automatically adapt to the screen on which the site is viewed.